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Youth Soccer Information

Current Season: Spring 2015

Youth Soccer League Schedules          

U7 Soccer Schedule 

U10 Soccer Schedule

U13 Soccer Schedule


Youth Soccer League Rules                   Youth Soccer League Practice Times

U7 Rules                                                                   U7 Practice Times


U10/U13 Rules                                                           U10 Practice Times


FIFA Laws Of The Game 2014-2015

(These are the national rules of soccer which we follow in conjunction with the park district rules.)

For coaches, parents and participants to read

Soccer Goal Safety Memo

Soccer Goal Safety Education Policy

Notes to the Parents - Spring 2015

Picture Day Schedule - May 13, 2015

As a reminder to all parents and participants, if you bring your pet to the park, you must have your dog on a leash and control your pet at all times. If you can not keep your pet under control during soccer games, you will be asked to leave the park.