Lan-Oak Park District

Sports Program Code of Conduct



As a participant of a Lan-Oak Park District sports program, I agree to:


1. Remember that I participate in sports to have fun.


2. Keep my emotions under control.


3. Respect my coach, co-participants and/or any other employee of the Lan-Oak Park District at all times while participating in the program.


4. Support equal playing time for all players.


5. Respect the officials and accept their decisions as final.


6. Follow the direction of my coach, teacher, captain, officials or any Lan-Oak Park District employee.


7. Never threaten, verbally abuse or physically confront any person associated with the program at any time during my participation.


I understand that if I act outside of rules stated in the Code of Conduct, I risk the following:


1. Suspension from the league/program without refund.


2. Ejection from the league/program without refund.


The Code of Conduct must be signed prior to participation in the program.  Failure to sign this form will result in suspension from the program until it is signed.









Athletic Supervisor:                                                                      


Superintendent of Recreation: