Bock Park

Our largest shelter accommodating parties up to 200 people, plentiful parking, playground.
175th & Chicago Ave.

West End of Shelter (The right half of the Shelter)
East End of the Shelter (The left half of the Shelter)

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Copper Mugger’s Park

177th & Bernadine Street

Copper Mugger's Park
Lions Park Volleyball
Lions Playground
Pickleball Courts
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Erfert Park

Three shelter choices, pond & fishing, pedestrian bridge, walking path, and playground.
188th & Burnham Ave.

Octagon Shelter
South End of Shelter (Left Half of the shelter)
North End of Shelter (Right Half of the shelter)

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Flanagin Park

188th & Sherman St.

Flanagin Park Swings
Flanagin Parl
Flanagin Playground
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Heritage Park

193rd & Burnham Ave.

Heritage Park 1

Lan-Oak Park

Two shelter options, large playground, softball diamonds, horseshoe pits, tennis courts – a ton of fun in one place!

180th & Arcadia

Arcadia Shelter 2
Arcadia Shelter
Oakley Shelter
Lan-Oak Park Sign Arcadia 178th Street
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Lion’s Park

183rd & Oakley Ave.

Lions Park Volleyball
Lions Playground
Pickleball Courts
Lions PG Sign
Lions Park 1
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Oakley Park

184th & Oakley Ave.

Lan Oak Oakley and 180
Oakley Park PLayground 2
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Oakwood Park

191st & Oakwood Ave.

Oakwood Park PLayground

Park Plaza/Pennsy Greenway

Ridge Rd. & Grant St.

Paws N’ Play

17551 Chicago Ave.

D P 5
D P 1
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Potts Park

172nd West of Oakwood Ave.

Potts PLayground

Rotary Park

Two shelter options, playground, tennis courts, walking path, a lovely open space.

193rd & Sherman St.

Rotary Park Sign
Rotary Tennis Courts
Rotary PLayground
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Schultz Park

Large picnic area (no shelter), ball diamond, playground, quaint & cozy.

Schultz Dr. & Ada St.

Schultz Park 4
Schultz Bathroom
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Stony Ridge Park

Donatus Dr. & 181st St.

VanLaten Park

7.5 acres nestled in a lovely neighborhood, shelter & playground.

183rd & Holland Dr.

Van Laten Park Sign
Van Laten Playground
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Volunteers Park

176th St. & Locust St.

Volunteers Park Sign

Whitman Park

18159 Jason Lane

Whitman Park 3

Winterhoff Park

Roy St. & 180th St.

Winterhoff Playground