Playskool Tuition

The Playskool program allows parents two payment options –

• pay the entire program amount in full at the start of the year.
• make monthly automatic withdrawal payments for the nine months of the program.

Parents choosing the full payment option may apply their $25.00 deposit toward the September tuition amount and must pay the remainder of the balance by the first day of school.

For parents choosing the monthly payment option, Playskool requires automatic bank account withdrawals.

Parents wishing to use the monthly payment option should read the attached forms fully, complete them, and bring them on the first day of school along with a voided check from a checking account, or account and routing numbers from a savings account. Need help? Call 708-474-8552 with questions.

Playskool does not charge interest for families choosing the monthly payment option. Playskool does not make automatic monthly payments from a debit or credit card.

If you paid a $25.00 deposit, it is applied to the first monthly tuition – September. Parents must pay for the remainder of the first month of school by cash, check or credit card. Full payment for September is due by the first day of school. The first automatic monthly withdrawal will occur on October 1
and every first of the month there after.

Playskool is a nine-month program. Upon registering, families commit themselves to the entire program and its fee. Families leaving the program early do so without refund and are responsible for any remaining balance, unless the Senior Superintendent has approved prior arrangements. Waiver of Playskool fees is within the sole discretion of the Senior Superintendent.

Welcome to Playskool –
We look forward to another fun and exciting year of learning!!