About Playskool

Lan-Oak Park District is proud to offer a high quality, developmentally appropriate preschool program for children ages three to five years old.

Playskool follows a theme curriculum that includes an art project each day, as well as a worksheet paper in order to practice important pre-kindergarten skills.

Play is the foundation in the remarkable program that grows each year with more and more happy families and preschoolers. Come for a visit! We’re sure you’ll be pleased with Playskool.

Play centers in the Playskool classroom include the sand and water table, the science table, the block corner, the library, as well as dramatic play areas like the kitchen, office, baby room, dress-up, and tablets – all well equipped for learning.

Educational elements are addressed daily in circle time. Students experience daily review of colors, shapes, calendar, seasons, weather, the continents, and map reading. One letter of the alphabet is added weekly to this review which always includes the letter’s phonetic sound for pre-reading practice. Numbers, rhyming, and opposites join the fun, too. Everyone gets comfy for two stories each day, and all enjoy a monthly science day, gym day, story stretcher unit, and educational movie day.

Definitive studies show that preschoolers develop at widely different levels. All Playskool classes are mixed age so that every child derives comfort from finding a friend right at their learning level.

Playskool enrolls new students throughout the school year if space exists. If you are interested in enrolling, please call 708-474-8552 for information or to schedule a tour.