Membership and Fees

Fitness Center Figures

January Fitness Membership Special! Buy One Get One Free!
Buy an annual fitness membership and add a second person for FREE!! This special applies to residents, non-residents, and any membership category that already allows a twosome option! Add on the kids for the same deal – pay for one child, get the second for FREE!

Annual Fitness Membership Rates

Save $$ by paying in one payment. Resident = (R) / Non-Resident = (NR).

IndividualTwosomeSeniorSenior 2Child AddHS/College
Annual Lansing R$343$450$232$300$81$208
Annual NR$408$515$297$365$89$273
6 Month Lansing R$243$343$167$232$60$139
6 Month NR$307$408$232$297$70$203
Summer R**$114$80
Summer NR**$149$114

Monthly Fitness Membership Rates

Requires a 6 month or annual contract. Resident = (R) / Non-Resident = (NR).

IndividualTwosomeSeniorSenior 2Child AddHS/College
Annual Lansing R$31.20$40.85$21.18$27.31$7.55$19.01
Annual NR$37.06$46.72$27.04$33.18$8.27$24.88
6 Month Lansing R$42.53$59.43$29.30$40.61$10.68$24.43
6 Month NR$53.67$71.24$40.61$51.93$12.42$35.57


Daily Fitness Rates

Must be paid at our reception desk.

Gym Only: $7 (R) / $12 (NR)
Fitness Center Only: $12 (R) / $20 (NR)
Gym & Fitness Center: $17 (R) / $29 (NR)

The gym is open when not being used for a program or rental. Call first to ask about gym availability. No refunds for walk-in fees.



A great short-term option that provides an opportunity to visit the fitness center ten times for one low price!

$80 (R) / $85 (NR)

No refunds or returns on fit-packs.


Periodic membership specials may not be combined with any other discount, promotion or open house benefit. Every new membership requires a $25.00 non-refundable initiation fee charged for every person listed on the membership. An initiation fee is charged for addons to a current membership All fees/rates are subject to change without notice. No member initiated changes allowed after 30 days. Child is defined as a person under 18 years old. College memberships require full-time student status, with proof of status. For senior
twosome membership, only one person must be 62 years or older For a resident twosome, only one person must be a Lansing resident. New members must provide proof of membership category chosen: Residents must provide proof of residency, students must provide a current school ID or schedule of classes. The January fitness membership special is only valid in the month of January. The July fitness membership special is only valid in the month of July. Both specials only apply to membership categories already offering a twosome option. Child add-ons must be 10-17 years old. Children 10-13 must be accompanied by a parent at all times. Children 14-17 may visit the center alone. 10-11 year olds must complete Fitness College before being allowed access to the fitness center. Fitness Memberships allow 100% refund within 3 days, 50% within 30 days, no refunds after 30 days. Fitness members must follow center rules and regulations. The failure to do so may result in membership suspension or termination without refund. **Summer Memberships are 3-months, include no equipment orientation, no initiation fee, and are sold from May 1 to June 15 ONLY. The basketball gym is NOT a benefit of a fitness membership, but is free to fitness members when not in use.